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2023 Homeless and Formerly Homeless Youth Face Steep Challenges to Accessing Healthcare

Rachel Litchman.

2023 Separating Poverty From Neglect in Child Welfare. Brief
2022 Improving Access to Housing and Supportive Services for Runaway and Homeless Youth: Reducing Vulnerability to Human Trafficking in New York City.

Kaya, Y. B., Maass, K. L., Dimas, G. L., Konrad, R., Trapp, A. C., & Dank, M.

Journal Article
2022 Towards A Theory of Why Kids Run Away: Evaluating Strain and Control Mechanisms to Account for First-time Running Behavior Among Males vs. Females.

Coward Bucher, C., Manasse, M. & Cesar J. Rebellon, C.J.

Journal Article
2022 Heterogeneous trajectories of suicidal ideation among homeless youth: predictors and suicide-related outcomes.

Wu, Q., Zhang, J., Walsh, L., & Slesnick, N.

Journal Article
2022 Homeless youth shelters and services for transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) clients: Results from a nationwide survey.

Bowers, P.H., Aguiniga, D.M., Reamer, D., & Reynolds, J.

Journal Article
2022 Research on Adolescent Predictors of Young Adult Homelessness and Food Insecurity Reveals Opportunities for Prevention. [Editorial].

Morton, M.

Journal Article
2022 Who Is Couch-Surfing and Who Is on the Streets? Disparities Among Racial and Sexual Minority Youth in Experiences of Homelessness.

Petry, L., Hill, C., Milbrun, N., & Rice, E.

Journal Article
2022 Promoting Healthy Attitudes and Behaviors in Youth Who Experience Homelessness: Results of a Longitudinal Intervention Study. Journal of Adolescent Health, 70(6), 942-949.

Rew, L., Slesnkick, N., Johnson, K., & Sales, A.

Journal Article
2022 The syndemic effects of adverse mental health conditions and polysubstance use on being at risk of clinical depression among marginally housed and homeless transitional age youth living in San Francisco, California.

Jain, J. P., Santos, G.-M., Hao, J., Leonard, A., Miller, A. M., Cuca, Y. P., & Dawson-Rose, C.

Journal Article