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2023 Separating Poverty From Neglect in Child Welfare. Brief
2023 The impact of multiple stressful life events on posttraumatic growth in adolescence.

Fraus, K., Dominick, W., Walenski, A., & Taku, K.

Journal Article
2023 Analyzing U.S. tweets for stigma against people experiencing homelessness.

Kim, N. J., Lin, J., Hiller, C., Hildebrand, C., & Auerswald, C.

Journal Article
2023 Community- and Data-Driven Homelessness Prevention and Service Delivery: Optimizing for Equity.

Kube, Amanda R. and Das, Sanmay and Fowler, Patrick J.

Journal Article
2023 Dissociation: Factor structure and the role of trauma among treatment-seeking adolescents.

Kyte, D. H., Suvak, M. K., Hodgdon, H., & DiBiase, R.

Journal Article
2023 Implications of intergenerational trauma: Associations between caregiver ACEs and child internalizing symptoms in an urban African American sample.

Leslie, C. E., Walsh, C. S., & Sullivan, T. N.

Journal Article
2023 Prospective examination of psychological trauma among adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis, J., Jayakumar, S., Breaux, R., Dvorsky, M. R., Langberg, J. M., & Becker, S. P.

Journal Article
2023 Child Welfare Service Adaptations during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Balancing Worker Safety and Doing Essential Work.

Maiter, S., Kikulwe, D., Sibbald, & S.

Journal Article
2022 Pregnancy and parenting support for youth experiencing homelessness.

Eapen, D.J.

Journal Article
2022 Adolescent homelessness: Evaluating victimization risk based on LGBT identity and sleeping location.

Flatley, C.A., Hatchimonji, D.R., Treglia, D., &. Cutuli, J.J.

Journal Article