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2016 Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students in Americas Public Schools

Ingram, E.S., Bridgeland, J.M., Reed, B., Atwell, M.

2016 Higher Education: Action Needed to Improve Access to Federal Financial Assistance for Homeless and Foster Youth

United States Government Accountability Office

2016 From Evidence to Outcomes: Using Evidence to Inform Pay for Success Project Design

Milner, J., Eldridge, M.

2016 Parenting and Homeless: Profiles of Young Adult Mothers and Fathers in Unstable Housing Situations

Narendorf, S.C., Jennings, S.W., Maria, D.S.

Journal Article
2016 Nine Guiding Principles to Help Youth Overcome Homelessness: A Principles-Focused Developmental Evaluation

Murphy, N.F.

Book Chapter
2016 No Barriers: A Legal Advocates Guide to Ensuring Compliance with the Education Program of the McKinney-Vento Law

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

2016 For Youth, By Youth: A Third Student-Run Homeless Shelter

Seider, S.C.

Journal Article
2016 Foster Care Transition Toolkit Guide/Toolkit
2016 Family Interventions for Youth Experiencing or at Risk of Homelessness

Pergamit, M., Gelatt, J., Stratford, B., Beckwith, S., Martin, M.C.

2016 Family Options Study: 3-Year Impacts of Housing and Services Interventions for Homeless Families

Gubits, D., Shinn, M., Wood, M., Bell, S., Dastrup, S., Solari, C.D., Brown, S.R., McInnis, D., McCall, T., Kattel, U.